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Leica Store Kyoto Comes to Life

Watch the Leica Store Kyoto come to life and the discover the concept behind its design - a flagship store located on Hanamikoji Street in the Gion district, which represents the rich history and culture of this ancient city. This is where Japan’s traditional beauty and elegance are on full display. The store is in a beautifully renovated 100 year-old, two-story townhouse (Machi-ya). The original structure, as well as many of its wooden beams and pillars, is still in its original state. Even so, the store clearly shows the image of Leica’s corporate identity. The result is a unique Leica store that does not exist anywhere else. Leica, which has 160-year history and craftsmanship, believes that the company will be able to further contribute to the photographic culture by operating in Kyoto, which has more than 1,200 years of history and culture. Leica expects a new creative force to emerge.


Developing Color Film with the C41 Process

In this YouTube vide, Photography_Bloke takes a look at developing color film using the C-41 developing process - color film is actually fairly straightforward to develop, but it does involve a few additional steps and is more critical in regards to time and temperature than the traditional black and white process. You can buy black and white film designed for the C-41 process, and this video applies equally to this type of film.

Leica Acquires Majority Stake in Leica Shop/Westlicht

Leica Camera AG today has announced that it has acquired majority stake (75%) of Leica Shop in Vienna, Austria. Connected to the purchase are two Leica stores and the Auction House Westlicht, also in Vienna. Financial details were not disclosed by the parties. The Leica Shop was founded by Peter Coeln 23 years ago. Alfred Schopf says of the acquisition, "The majority takeover of Peter Coeln GesmbH is a unique opportunity for the Leica Camera AG, to further expand and strengthen the perception of the Leica brand in this field, the presence in the market for collectibles. We also benefit from the extensive experience of Peter Coelns in the resale of old and new Leica products in auctions and in the online trading of used cameras." Read more below for the full press release!

Adobe Releases ACR 8.6 RC

Adobe Labs has released Adobe Camera Raw v8.6 RC for CC and CC 2014. Nothing of major importance for Leica shooters in this one, save for Leica M (Type 240) folks. A bug fix described as "Fix automatic lens profile selection for Leica M (Typ 240) when using most recent firmware version." You can download it for CS6 on the Adobe Labs page here. Read more below for full details!

Unique Leather Leica Keychains

Leica isn't just a camera, it's a lifestyle... So we're always on the lookout for cool stuff. Check out this unique leather Leica keychain which is made in Japan by Shiego Tanaka. They are organically tanned from the finest genuine leather, and use eco-friendly materials and non-toxic stains. They measure H27 x W45 x D25mm and weigh 15g. The ring is 25mm in diameter. Available for $18.99 USD with free shipping!


Manufacturing Report From Wetzlar

Russian site Look At Me ran a post called, "Report From the Leica Factory in Germany" (in Russian) which is mostly a series of photos from Getty Images taken behind the scenes at Wetzlar during manufacturing. Read more below for translation and all the photos!