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Adobe Lightroom 6 Coming!

The long awaited Adobe Lightroom 6 is just about (finally) upon us - it's set to drop on March 9, 2015 April 21, 2015 if the latest rumors are true! French website fnac.com leaked the pic and the specs a bit early (and is still up). The price came in at 130€ (~$150 USD). A busy time for Adobe, as they celebrate the 25th anniversary of Photoshop as well. Read more below for full details!

Limited Edition Leica T Snap Hosoo

DC Watch reports that Leica Camera Japan will release the "Leica T Snap HOSOO set" that combines a camera protector of special design and a Leica T on April 23, 2015. Leica Store Kyoto will have a limited release of 15 sets at the shop. The breakdown of those sets include eight black and seven in champagne/gold. The price varies depending on the lens to be combined (including tax) and ranges from 460,000 ($3,283 USD) to 500,000 ($4,166 USD) Yen. In collaboration with long-established "Hosoo" (founded in 1688]), products feature a Nishijin textile. Designed by the creative director of the Danish design studio "OeO" and Thomas Rikke, who is also a Leica user.

Leica M Monochrom Type 246

As in the past, we've spotted a posting on digicame.info pointing to the likely registration of the Leica M Monochrom replacement, referred to as "type 246." As you probably know, the latest indication we've received is for a June release timeframe. We'll keep you posted!

CW Sonderoptic Announces M PL Mount

If you've ever had the inkling to mount Leica/CW Sonderoptic CINE lenses (Summicron-C or Summilux-C) to your Leica M/M-P (Type 240) body - now you can! Just announced is the Leica M PL Mount. The custom baseplate attaches directly and securely to the lens mount adapter providing support for heavier PL mount lenses without putting stress on the native M mount and the integrated handgrip provides more ergonomic and stable handling.

Leica Store - Gangnam Style!

The latest Leica Store, located in the Gangnam district in Seoul, Korea is officially open! The address is 206, nonhyeon-Dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul-11-1F. The hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm and you can reach them by phone at 1661 0405.


Nick Ut Interview in Vanity Fair

Regulars of the site and Leica shooters in general are likely familiar with Nick Ut. One of his photos, "Napalm Girl" (seen above) of then nine year old Kim Phuc running from a napalm attack in Trang Bang, Vietnam on June 8, 1972 is one of the most iconic photos of the war and the 20th century in general. Check out this newly-posted review in Vanity Fair, "Photographer Who Took Iconic Vietnam Photo Looks Back, 40 Years After the War Ended" regarding that day. It was shot with his Leica M2 and 35mm f/2 lens. That camera is now in the Newseum in Washington.