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New Leica "100" Video/Advertisement

This new video which Adweek Magazine posted about is a new Leica "100" advertisement, relating to the Leica 100 year centennial and opening of the Leica Gallery in São Paulo, Brazil. It recreates 35 historic Leica photos and it's extremely well done - a must-see at any rate! Read more below for full details on this piece!


NBC - Leica as Inspiration in Retro Push

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've surely noticed that "retro is in" when it comes to the latest hot cameras. Case in point, the Fujifilm X series of cameras. NBC News suggests, perhaps rightly so - that Leica is largely behind that trend. Of course, they also point out that "Leica cameras, [are seemingly] relegated to use only by the wealthy or dedicated camera aficionados." Still, it's an interesting look at this new trend. Read more in the NBC News article, "Dialing it Back: Camera Makers Prize Retro 35mm Look."

Rarely, that is, except in Leicas, which have been using this general look and feel for decades. Its rangefinders are iconic, having been used by some of the most influential photographers of the 20th century.

Richie Notar Wants a Leica M9

When The Fashion Spot asked the (somewhat infamous) Queens-born restaurateur Richie Notar 21 questions, among them was "I’m dying to splurge on…" he responded, "a Leica M9 digital camera." Good to see Mr. Notar has such refined taste! If you're not familiar, he got his start at Studio 54 (as a 16 year old busboy) and was a managing partner at Nobu - and is also the force behind Harlow, which just opened its first offshoot in Sag Harbor over the summer. He's also currently working on opening a jazz lounge and bakery in Harlem. If you're curious, check out the rest of the answers in "21 Questions with… Restaurateur Richie Notar."

I’m dying to splurge on… a Leica M9 digital camera.

Famous James Bond Leicas Up for Auction?

Remember those Leica cameras that secret agent James Bond (007) made famous? Like the Leica M3 in "Dr. No" or the one in "Thunderball?" Well, now's your chance to pick one up (sort of) - at Richard Winterton’s autumn fine art and collectors’ sale next Tuesday (September 30, 2014) in Lichfield, UK. Read more about it in "James Bond bonanza for 007 fans at Lichfield auction." However, if you view the online catalog of the auction, you realize that they're really just Leica IIIc cameras, and have nothing to do with James Bond. Just clever marketing. Oh well.

The auction also includes several iconic Leica cameras, a brand featured in Thunderball and other original novels...

100 Days in Tibet: The Leica S2

Three years ago, German photographer York Hovest made a promise to the Dalai Lama: that he would travel to Tibet, to places perhaps never seen before by tourists, and take photographs. Last month, Hovest delivered on his promise. With the help of Dr. Andreas Kaufmann and a Leica S2 in-hand, York Hovest set upon an epic journey. Read more about this fascinating story over on Die Welt in the article, "100 Days in Tibet: A Photographer's Promise to the Dalai Lama."

He places the Leica S2, a device weighing around three kilograms, on the tripod. Despite the clouds, the photographer tries to adjust the setting. This, too, is a race against time: Glove off, select the menu options and turn the control dial, glove back on and then warm the gloved hand in his trousers again. He only has a few seconds to work with his free hand. Otherwise he risks no longer being able to move it.

Sandro Miller + John Malkovitz = Che Guevara

What do Che Guevara and John Malkovitz have in common? Well, if Sandro Miller is involved... He's gone and recreated famous portraits with the latter, including the famous picture of Che (taken with a Leica M2) and seen above.